Special Guest Molly J. Stanton

Don’t Go Into the Woods: The Fae in Magick, Myth, and Literature “Here, there be monsters.”  A warning in ancient times to stay where it was safe and a boundary marker telling you the relationships and patterns of your familiar life are no longer in play.  For to enter the Faerie forest, new relationships must be forged because you are betwixt and between realities. Together we’ll explore the concept of Faerie, how it is both a place and a frame of mind, and how journeys in Faerie always leave the traveler radically altered.  The Fae and humanity have an almost symbiotic relationship both in magickal practice and in literature.  What do the Good Neighbors need from us that keeps them whispering to us in dreams, abducting some, and cursing others?  The answer makes for some powerful magick and some dramatic literature! Finally we’ll learn ways to build your connection to the Fair Folk in day to day practice.  You’ll leave ready to grab a hag stone and look for a gateway to the otherworld. Molly Stanton Bio Molly J Stanton grew up in rural Idaho where cows outnumber humans fifty-to-one, and tipping them was an Olympic sport. Fed a steady diet of terrifying old Celtic fairy stories and the local firsthand tales of harrowing Sasquatch encounters, she cultivated a lifelong passion for unseen worlds.  Her pilgrimages to Ireland and other places led to a deep practice of Celtic shamanic works, becoming a Sundoor Certified Firewalk Instructor, and other ecstatic practices. More recently her travels, former career as a therapist, and all those Celtic myths led to the publication of her urban fantasy books, Hunted by Fae and The Cursed Land, the first two books in The Last Battle of Moytura series.  You can find her at mollyjstanton.com

Special Guest Helena Domenic

Helena Domenic is an accomplished artist, writer, witch, and professor of art history and studio art. Helena maintains a studio in Phoenixville, PA where she offers classes, workshops, and readings. Helena currently teaches drawing and painting at Kutztown University.  Helena spent thirty years as a member of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel and was also an Elder in that tradition. She left to carve out her own path, both as an artist and a witch. Currently, she leads the Brandywine Kindred, a newly formed coven in Chester County.

Helena has shown her artwork in Philadelphia, New York, across the United States and in Egypt and South Africa. Helena was born in Vicenza, Italy where she was exposed to great works of art from a very early age. After viewing the Sistine Chapel ceiling at the age of eighteen months, her mother predicted she would become an artist. She holds a BFA from Kutztown University, an MA in Art Education from The University of the Arts, and an MFA from Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont.

Helena has a forthcoming book called An Illuminated Guide to Wicca, available from Schiffer Publishing (available for pre-order now) in March 2022. Helena has also created a Tarot deck and book, The Fellowship of the Fool Tarot, as well as a Runic Oracle deck and a Lenormand deck.

In her spare time, she enjoys studying Tarot and Qabala, spending time in her studio, and hanging out with her husband Sean and their cats. 

Helena’s work may also be seen on her website: http:www.artofhelenadomenic.com

Or visit her Facebook Pages:

For more information, you may email Helena at helena@artofhelenadomenic.com